Southwell prides itself in providing a unique shopping experience that includes a wide variety of products at affordable prices, extended hours of operation, convenient location, home delivery, online shopping, a friendly and comfortable shopping environment, and sensitivity to the needs of the community.

Affordable Pricing

Aware of the difficult economic times and the limited means of many of its customers, Southwell insists on being the lowest priced supermarket/convenience store in its market area.

Convenient Shopping

Southwell places a high priority on providing convenience to its customers. It is located off Clarke Street, in the heart of Vieux Fort town, within easy access to most of the town’s residents. Its doors are open seven days a week and with the exception of Sundays, store hours have been extended to 9PM, later than most supermarkets/convenience stores in the south.

Southwell’s dedication to providing convenience shopping doesn’t stop there. It offers home delivery to the southern half of the island stretching from Micoud to Piaye, and it will soon offer 24-hour shopping and online shopping for home delivery customers. Southwell leaves no customer behind. Besides stocking an increasing range of products, it offers both retail and wholesale services and caters equally for the customer buying a single item and those such as vendors, retail outlets, and event organizers buying in large quantities.

Excellent Customer Service

Southwell’s store outlay, product display, choice of products, and its helpful, friendly, and eager-to-please staff all combine to make shopping at Southwell a comfortable, pleasant and one-of-a-kind experience. At Southwell, customers come first.